International Undergraduate Program

B. Eng (Smart Materials Technology)

Scope of studies and length

120 credits, 4 years

Application period

Coming soon

Tuition fee per semester

90,000 THB

Degree Level




Main Subjects

Smart materials, sensor technology, robotics and artificial intelligence

general information

The program emphasizes on knowledges and skills in smart materials, sensor technology, robotics and artificial intelligence which corresponds to Thailand national strategy Thailand 4.0 and the new s-curve industries especially in a category of industrial robotics and sensor technology. This is highly important for the country development in the
near future.

Career opportunities

‐ Roboticist or Robotic Engineer
‐ Startup Entrepreneur in High Tech
‐ Software Engineer for Mechatronics and Machines
‐ System Engineer
‐ AI Engineer
‐ Machine Vision Engineer
‐ IoT Engineer
‐ Robotic Security Analyst
‐ Expert Systems Analyst
‐ Machine Designer
‐ Software Architect for AI
‐ Technology Manager for Robotics and AI
‐ Solution Engineer
‐ Solution Architect

How to apply

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